The SpringBoard English Speaking Championship

SpringBoard4Cambodia has organised five very successful annual youth competitions beginning with The International Debating Championship held in 2012. This contest allowed Cambodian students to participate in high level debates and to challenge students from overseas. In 2013 we instigated The SpringBoard English Speaking Championship which we held again in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

This Year


We are now organising The SpringBoard National English Speaking Championship for the sixth time by adding international category to the championship. We strongly believe that there are a lot of potential youth around the world will join us, and we want our Cambodian youth to compete, learn, and share with each other. Because of these enthusiastic youth, SpringBoard4Society has decided to host the competition with international championship category, which require all international contestants to come to compete in all rounds along with the other contestants from Junior and Senior Category in its category

What's New?


For this reason, we name this year competition THE SPRINGBOARD NATIONAL ENGLISH SPEAKING CHAMPIONSHIP 2017, because of the enthusiasm shown for these events, we expect numerous people to participate; not only students but also individuals drawn from both private and public sectors.

The SpringBoard National English Speaking Championship


On behalf of SpringBoard4Cambodia, we have great pleasure in inviting our local universities, institutes and schools, both public and private, to participate in The SpringBoard English Speaking Championship 2017, the final of which will be held in January 2017 at Institute of Technology of Cambodia Conference Hall. This will be an excellent experience for the participants, as the competition focuses on public speaking and debating, which provides unparalleled opportunities for improving their self-confidence, demonstrating their knowledge and speaking abilities, and displaying their talent on the stage.